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Sengenics Corp USA
Sengenics Corp USA

Sengenics Corp USA

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44 Manning Road MA
United States of America
Life Sciences
Pharma & Biotech
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Reagents & Kits
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Drug Discovery Products
Drug Discovery Services
Contract Research Organisation (CRO)
Custom Services
Personalised Medicine
About Us:

Sengenics is a Functional Proteomics company that was originally spun out from research that was carried out at Cambridge University in the UK. The company is in its 10th year of operations and has a patented technology called KREX™, which is mature, post R&D and generating revenue from top pharma (GSK, Merck, Roche), biotech and ivy league academic institutions in the USA, Europe and Asia (Harvard, MIT and Stanford).

The company is focused on leveraging its KREX™ protein folding technology for developing new diagnostic tests and therapies for a wide variety of Human diseases where autoimmune dysfunction is involved. KREX™ can also be used for a variety of applications that are critical for the Pharmaceutical industry, including: vaccine efficacy studies, predicting toxicity, protein interactions and developing companion diagnostics.The fundamental research for KREX™ was led by Professor Jonathan Blackburn as a collaboration between Oxford and Cambridge University in the late 1990s. Jonathan is the CSO of Sengenics and the inventor of KREX™.

The company now has a Who’s Who list of customers that includes top pharma (GSK, Merck, Roche), biotech and ivy league academic institutions in the USA, Europe and Asia (Harvard, MIT and Stanford).

Sengenics has been awarded a number of international awards and has been featured in numerous commercial reports on genomics. Notable examples include the 2013 Biomedical Excellence Award for Asia Pacific and was featured as one of the top six global genomics companies in 2014. Most recently the company was awarded the prestigious Frost and Sullivan 2017 Award for Clinical Proteomics Technology Innovation.

More Info About Our Products:

Innovative tools to accelerate your biomarker research.
Enhance your research capabilities with innovative products from Sengenics. Our products enable your team to tap the power of our patented KREX® protein folding technology to discover clinically relevant biomarkers.

Autoantibody Biomarker Profiling
Oncology Drug Screening
Systems Serology
Vaccine Development
Custom Protein Arrays

Disease Area
Autoimmune Disease
Neurological Disease
Infectious Disease

Application Area
Biomarker Discovery
Patient Stratification
Response & Adverse Event Prediction
Diagnostics & CDx Development

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Asia Pacific
Head Office:
Sengenics Malaysia (Malaysia)
Sister Companies:
Sengenics Corporation Pte Ltd (Singapore)
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United Kingdom