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Azure Biosystems

Azure Biosystems

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6761 Sierra Court, Suite F
United States of America
+1 925 307 7127
Automation & Informatics
Clinical / Diagnostics
Life Sciences
Pharma & Biotech
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Reagents & Kits
Laboratory Equipment (General)
Laboratory Instruments (Specialist)
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Molecular Biology
Cell Biology
About Us:

Azure Biosystems is focused on the development and commercialization of state-of-the-art technologies to support research in the life science community. Founded in Dublin, California, Azure Biosystems is developing a series of instruments for image capture and analysis.

More Info About Our Products:

Azure cSeries, the only CCD based imaging systems that offer a gel imaging system that is fully upgradable to a laser based IR Western imaging system. The cSeries flagship product, the c600, is the only Western system in the market that uses lasers diodes for IR imaging, and performs Chemiluminescent and Visible Fluorescent Western blot imaging, making this a unique solution for labs that require application flexibility.

Azure Biosystems designed the cSeries as a modular, upgradable, multi-modal platform. The compact system is built around a touch screen user interface on a tablet computer, offering superior performance and reliability compared to on-board computers. Dual focus technology ensures the lens is always in focus, and always set to the correct settings, providing a simplified imaging experience.

The application-driven software controls the many options for integrated light sources including laser diodes for IR 700 and 800 dyes, LEDs for CY5/CY3/CY2 applications, and UV for gel documentation.

Chemiluminescent Western performance is achieved with a low noise 8.3 Mega Pixel camera with a 0.95 lens.

All cSeries platforms starting with the c200 gel documentation system to the c300, c400, and c500 Western imaging systems can be upgraded in the field to the c600. Thus, customers will not require separate systems for gel documentation, Chemiluminescent Western imaging, Visible Fluorescent Westerns imaging and IR Western imaging.

Imaging Systems
Real-Time PCR
Reagents and Blotting Accessories
Ao Absorbance Microplate Reader
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Western Blotting
Multiplex Protein Detection
Post-Translational Modifications
Total Protein
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Gel Documentation
In-gel Fluorescence
Bacterial Plate Imaging
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96-Well Plate Assays
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Official Distributors:
AH diagnostics A/S (Denmark)
VWR International LLC (United States of America)
Mason Technology (Ireland)
Axon Lab AG (Switzerland)
Ecogen Biologia Molecular srl (Spain)
Varelas SA (Greece)
Interlux SIA (Latvia)
Biozym Scientific GmbH (Germany)
BIO4V-Technologies SAS (France)
Biomedica Medizinprodukte GmbH & Co KG (Austria)
BioTech s.r.o (Slovakia)
Alliance Global Group AGBL (UAE) (United Arab Emirates)
Bio-Gene Technology Ltd (Hong Kong)
Cambridge Bioscience Ltd (United Kingdom)
AH diagnostics Oy (Finland)
AH diagnostics AB (Sweden)
Accela s.r.o / BioTech-Europe (Czech Republic)
VWR Canada / Anachemia Science / Canlab (Canada)
Biomedica MP d.o.o. (Serbia & Montenegro)
PLT Scientific Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
Prima Scientific Co Ltd (Thailand)
Biomedica Dijagnostika dooel (Macedonia)
Biotech Hungary Kft (Hungary)
AH diagnostics AS (Norway)
Sopachem NV/SA (Belgium)
PhileKorea Technology, Inc. (PKT) (South Korea)
Aurogene Srl (Italy)
LifeGene (Israel)
PT Biosains Medika Indonesia / BioSM (Indonesia)
Biomedica Bulgaria Ltd (Bulgaria)
Biomedica Sh.p.k (Albania)
Nanodiagnostika Ltd (Lithuania)
İda Yaşam Teknolojileri (Turkey)
Techcomp (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Custom Science Australia (Australia)
AGBL Sub Sahara (South Africa)
AGBL Arabia (Saudi Arabia)
AGBL West Africa (Ghana)
Beijing Cycloud Biotechnology Co Ltd (China)
AGBL East Africa (Kenya)
AGBL Egypt (Egypt)
AGBL Levant (Lebanon)
AGBL Pakistan (Pakistan)
AGBL Afrique (Tunisia)
AGBL Maghreb (Morocco)
Shree Rani Sati Trading Concern (Nepal)
GeneChannel Biotech Inc (Taiwan)
HAMESCO Vietnam Co Ltd (Vietnam)
Sai Solutions (India)
IndiTech GeneSys (India)
Unitech USA (Brasil) (Brazil)
Biomedica d.o.o. (Croatia)
Biomedica d.o.o. Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
BRI Bio Research Importaciones SA de CV (Mexico)
Independent Sales Agents:
BioChasm LLC (United States of America)