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BEE International

BEE International

Company Type:
Business Address:
46 Eastman Street
South Easton
United States of America
+1 508 238 5558
Food & Agriculture
Pharma & Biotech
Manufacturing & Processing
Product Type:
Laboratory Equipment (General)
Laboratory Instruments (Specialist)
Products, Services & Applications:
Cell Biology
Sample Preparation
About Us:

BEE International is a worldwide supplier of high pressure homogenizing systems to the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, cosmetic and food industries. We manufacture ultra high-pressure homogenizers, emulsifiers, nanotechnology equipment, laboratory, pilot & production homogenizers & systems. Nanotechnology equipment is designed to achieve the specific particle size reduction required by an application in the submicron range. Some benefits of particle size reduction are sterilization by filtration, increased efficacy, odor & flavor masking, improved aesthetics, finer liposome, reduced toxicity, ingredient protection, controlled release, better targeted cancer treatments & non-surfactant creams.

We are dedicated to advancing the technology of homogenization. Our mission is to give our customers the tools to create new products faster and to produce them more economically and efficiently than ever before. Our high pressure homogenizers produce unprecedented results delivering the smallest, most uniform and evenly distributed particles often in ONE pass. Conventional homogenizers and high shear mixers cannot match our results.

More Info About Our Products:

BEE International Offers The Ultimate High Pressure Homogenizer for Laboratory, Pilot and Production applications

All DeBEE systems come equipped with the following features:

Highest process intensity in the industry to 45,000 PSI
Unmatched processing goals and results in ONE pass
Patented modular Homogenizing Cell for maximum experimentation
Change pressure, flow, cavitation, shear, impact and process time
to get the best results
Sanitary design for easy cleaning and low maintenance
Proven linear scale-up to production
Lifetime training to help new employees and students get up to speed quickly

More Info About Our Products:

Nano-Particle Size Reduction
Cell Rupture
Dual Feed for Abrasive and Viscous Materials
Dual Jet for Grinding
Processing Polymers

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Looking for Distributors in Countries:
United Kingdom
AlemMar Commercial & Industrial SA (Brazil)
Conceptos e Instrumentos SA de CV (Mexico)