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Life Biomedical Limited
Life Biomedical Limited

Life Biomedical Limited

Company Type:
Channel Partner
Business Address:
Kingfisher Suite, Middle Court
Copley Hill Business Park
CB22 3GN
United Kingdom
+44 (0)8432 89 77 22
Automation & Informatics
Medical Equipment & Supplies
Clinical / Diagnostics
Life Sciences
Pharma & Biotech
Product Type:
Reagents & Kits
Laboratory Equipment (General)
Laboratory Consumables / Labware
Laboratory Instruments (Specialist)
Products, Services & Applications:
Molecular Biology
Cell Biology
Medical Devices
Sample Preparation
Genomics & Epigenetics
Cell Culture/Tissue Culture
Drug Development Products
Diagnostics: Molecular
About Us:

Life Biomedical is a specialist distribution company founded by a group of doctors and scientists in 2012. We have expertise in oncological and clinical research and operate from our headquarters in Cambridge.

We are currently seeking to form distribution partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers of innovative, high quality life sciences as well as clinical diagnostics companies. We are particularly on the look out for unique products that we believe will make a substantial difference to research and patient care.

Official Manufacturers:
RBC Bioscience Corp (Taiwan)