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Next Advance Inc
Next Advance Inc

Next Advance Inc

Company Type:
Business Address:
1548 Burden Lake Road
Averill Park
United States of America
+1 518 674-3510
Year Established:


Automation & Informatics
Food & Agriculture
Clinical / Diagnostics
Materials Sciences
Life Sciences
Product Type:
Laboratory Equipment (General)
Laboratory Instruments (Specialist)
Products, Services & Applications:
Liquid Handling
Molecular Biology
Cell Biology
Sample Preparation
Parts and Components
Genomics & Epigenetics
Covid-19 Products & Services
About Us:

Next Advance is a leading provider of laboratory instruments for the life sciences. Our products, including homogenizers, automated blot processors, rockers, pumps, and more, enable researchers and scientists to work faster and more cost-effectively, increasing overall productivity and total bench success.

More Info About Our Products:

homogenizer - Bullet Blender
automated blot processor - Freedom Rocker
LC/MS capillary loader
Pipette CheckitĀ® cartridges

Looking for Distributors in Regions:
Asia Pacific
North America
South America
Official Distributors:
Gene Company Ltd (CN) (China)
AH diagnostics A/S (Denmark)
Care Biosystems India Pvt Ltd (India)
Midwest Scientific (MIDSCI) (United States of America)
Uniscience do Brasil Ltda (Brazil)
Labtrade do Brasil Ltda | LGC Biotecnologia Ltda (Brazil)
Thomas Scientific (United States of America)
Bio-Connect BV (Campro) (The Netherlands)
biostep GmbH (Germany)
Lifescience AP Co Ltd (Cybeles) (Thailand)
JC Biotech Co Ltd (South Korea)
Biofrontier Technology Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Dominique Dutscher SAS (France)
BIOCOM Biotech (South Africa)
Medsantek Lab Supplies Ltd (Turkey)
Cultek SLU (Spain)
Markson LabSales (Hawaii Chemical & Scientific) (United States of America)
Milian SA (Switzerland)
Krackeler Scientific Inc (United States of America)
Thistle Scientific UK / Web Scientific Ltd (United Kingdom)
Thistle Scientific Ltd (United Kingdom)
Fluence Argentina (UniTek) (Argentina)
Equilab Ltda (Chile)
Inter Medical Co Ltd (Japan)
Biotechnology Research Center Co Ltd (BRC) (Japan)
New Era Pump Systems Inc (United States of America)
WIS Biomed LLC (United States of America)
Kisker Biotech GmbH & Co KG (Germany)
Science Imaging Scandinavia AB (Sweden)
Adgenix (France)
Astori Tecnica (Italy)
Biotop Oy (Finland)
Laboratory Product Sales Inc (United States of America)
MGP spol sro (Czech Republic)
Gene Company Ltd (HK) (Hong Kong)
Biochiefdom International Co Ltd (Taiwan)
Imgen Technologies (United States of America)
CHEMBIO Ltd (United Kingdom)
Gentaur Sp zoo (Poland)
Lab Supply Ltd (New Zealand)
Penicon (Pakistan)
FroggaBio Inc (Canada)
Sahana Enterprises (India)
Innovative Solutions (United States of America)
St. Louis Scientific LLC (United States of America)
Discovery Scientific Solutions (United States of America)
Biospensa Resources (Malaysia)
Algenome / CGenomix Jordon (Jordan)
Gentaur (Bulgaria) (Bulgaria)
HIROS Tecnologias (Mexico)
Diatech Lab Line Srl (Italy)
MedSupply Partners (United States of America)
Sumedha Diagnostics (India)
Nanodiagnostika Ltd (Lithuania)
BioTools Pty Ltd (Australia)
MridhaTrading Corp (Bangladesh)
Scivena Scientific (Canada)
Chiyoda Science Co Ltd (Japan)
IST Co Ltd (Vietnam)
Quasar Instruments (United States of America)
Florida Scientific Products (United States of America)
Pacific Star Corp (United States of America)
Biolim (Poland)
MGP Slovakia (Slovakia)
Algenome / CGenomix UAE (United Arab Emirates)
DPC/LEBANON sarl (Lebanon)
BioSpectra d.o.o. (Slovenia)
Nucelotest Bio Ltd (Hungary)
PT Hijau Surya Biotechindo (Indonesia)
Ornat Biochemicals & Laboratory Equipment Ltd. (Israel)
Celta Ingenieros SL (Spain)
Techtum Lab AB (Sweden)
Adaptas Solutions (United States of America)
American Health & Medical Supply International Corp (China)
Bio-xplorer International Ltd (China)
LabPro doo (Serbia & Montenegro)