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Avacta Group plc

Avacta Group plc

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Covid-19 Supplies:

Covid-19 Avacta are supporting global efforts in combating the Covid-19 pandemic, including developing an Affimer® based point-of-care rapid test intended for screening of large populations to diagnose the COVID-19 coronavirus infection. Whilst this is an evolving process, please see the information below, containing the latest news and information relating to this project.

About Us:

Avacta Group provides innovative products and expert services to solve high value problems for the drug development and diagnosticssectors through two market facing companies, Avacta Analytical and AvactaAnimal Health.

Avacta’s core competence lies in making the power of advanced analyticaltechnology accessible through a range of solution-focused products andservices.

Avacta’s primary aim is to equip biopharmaceuticaldevelopers and manufacturers with tools to get their products to market quickerand with reduced cost – reducing risk in the drug development process andoptimising product performance. Avacta’s first technology product, Optim,and the Company’s expert services make this possible by permitting compounds tobe analysed in much greater detail at an earlier stage in the drug developmentcycle than can currently be achieved, thereby providing timely identificationof problems that can cause costly late stage failures or poor productperformance.

Avacta’s core technology is being further developed to provide diagnostictesting at the point of care with an initial focus on the veterinary healthcaremarket. The company provides diagnostic testing services relating to allergy tomore than 50% of UK vets andhas distributors in the EU and Far East.Avacta’s first point-of-care technology, Midas, which is a rapid blood testsystem will launch into the veterinary market in 2010 and will then be appliedto human diagnostics challenges.

Avacta has grown organically, and through four acquisitions,from a small Universityof Leeds spin-out in 2005into a dynamic technology development and contract services company with fiftyemployees in the two market-facing operating businesses and the cross-groupR&D and laboratory services teams.

Our Products, Applications and Services:

We have developed a piece of unique analytical instrumentation called the ‘Optim 1000’, launched last year and already attracting significant commercial interest wherever it is exhibited or demonstrated.

Optim is designed to help biopharmaceutical development companies overcome the existing barriers to early stage drug analysis by enabling thermal stability (Tm) and aggregation (Tagg) data to be rapidly collected simutaneously from 48 samples as small as 1 microlitre.

As you will realise, this proposition is of immense value to biopharmaceutical development companies as it not only enables them to make significant savings by reducing their demands for drug candidate sample, which is of course incredibly expensive at the early stage. It also enables them to analyse their drug candidates at a much earlier stage in the development process. This means they can eliminate candidates or formulations which are ultimately destined to fail much earlier than they can with current analytical technologies, thereby saving all the cost associated with the needless development that each candidate or formulation would have otherwise undergone. The return on investment opportunity for the Optim user is immense!

Official Distributors:
Cosmo Bio Co Ltd (Japan)
Official Manufacturers:
LifeAssays (Sweden)
Cold Spring Biotech Corp (Taiwan) (Taiwan)