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PamGene International BV
PamGene International BV

PamGene International BV

Company Type:
Business Address:
Nieuwstraat 30
P.O. Box 1345
5211 NL
The Netherlands
+31 73 615 8080
Life Sciences
Product Type:
Reagents & Kits
Laboratory Instruments (Specialist)
Products, Services & Applications:
Molecular Biology
About Us:

PamGene has developed new applications on her patented technology platform that measures cellular kinase activity as well as nuclear receptor activity broadly. This enables more understanding of drug interactions with these important classes of signalling molecules.

PamGene's technology is widely in use in support of drug R&D for elucidation of drug-target interactions and in support of clinical trials as a drug activity based biomarker platform, which is a paradigm shift from the more traditional biomarkers that only focus on presence of certain RNA, DNA or protein molecules and not their activity nor the interaction with the drug.

More Info About Our Products:

PamGene has developed its PamChips containing peptide arrays as well as the PS12 instrument to process the chips through years of research and development.

The PamChips are produced at PamGene's manufacturing facilities which allows profound quality control that contribute to reproducibility of the assays. The PS12 instrument is manufactured by a 3rd party with a proven track record in complex instrument development & manufacturing. The instrument received CE marking.

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Asia Pacific
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Official Distributors:
Iwai Chemicals Co Ltd (Japan)