ELGA / Veolia UK
ELGA / Veolia UK

ELGA / Veolia UK

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Lane End Industrial Park
High Wycombe
HP14 3BY
United Kingdom
+44 203 567 7300
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Laboratory Equipment (General)
About Us:

At ELGA we are absolute specialists in the engineering, service and support of water purification systems. Providing scientists and researchers around the world with reliable solutions that deliver absolute certainty in the quality of pure and ultrapure water for their work.

As part of Veolia – the world’s largest environmental organisation – we are dedicated to the supply of pure and ultrapure water systems that help our customers deliver their work uninterrupted.

With more than 80 years extensive experience in meeting the challenges that arise during the development, installation and servicing of single point-of-use water purification systems.
We also work very closely with leading laboratory instrument companies to customize water purification systems for specific applications.
Additionally, we play a proactive role with the water standards organisations which develop and recommend the lab water quality requirements.

Our Products, Applications and Services:

PURELAB® Ultrapure Water Purification Systems
We know how important it is to ensure your customer has water purity suitable for their laboratory requirements. The PURELAB range provides lab water they can count on for accurate and reliable results; from primary grade water for simple routine washing & rising to ultrapure (Type I) water for analytical and life science applications.

MEDICA® Clinical Water Purification Systems
When you need to ensure that your clinical laboratories run to their full potential with no downtime, we know that you need ultrapure water 24/7. A constant and reliable supply of compliant pure water is not only needed to attain accurate and reproducible results, but it is also critical.

CENTRA® Modular Water Purification & Distribution System
CENTRA is a modular purification and distribution system designed to supply Type I to Type III water to laboratory suites.

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Asia Pacific
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Veolia Group (None)
Official Distributors:
BM Equipment Co Ltd (Japan)
LMS Co Ltd (Japan)
Nerliens Meszansky AS (Norway)
Vouros Healthcare Ltd (Cyprus)
CHROMSPEC spol. s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
H W Kessel SA (Peru)
Chemopharm Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
Technoline Ltd (Malta)
VWR International LLC (United States of America)
Chemoscience Pte Ltd (Singapore)
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Ardeola UAB (Lithuania)
Del Carpio Analisis y Asesorias Ltda (Chile)
SCANCO Analytical Instruments (Central America & Caribe | Costa Rica) (Costa Rica)
Metrohm Hispania (Gomensoro SA) (Spain)
Biotronics Ltd (Cyprus)
Labotec (Pty) Ltd (South Africa)
ACM2 Ltd (Bulgaria)
Lambda Life a.s. (Slovakia)
OF Systems srl (Romania)
CHROMSPEC-SLOVAKIA spol. s r.o. (Slovakia)
Medent Ltd (Israel)
Alfa Analytical Instruments (Greece) (Greece)
Ninolab AB (Sweden)
DKSH New Zealand Ltd (New Zealand)
Labtec Services AG (Switzerland)
Labena doo Zagreb (Croatia)
Chemopharm Vietnam (Vina Chemoscience Co Ltd) (Vietnam)
Anamed & Analitik Group (Turkey)
JM Corporation (South Korea)
Metrohm Australia (Australia)
F&S Scientific Ltd (Kenya)
Overseas Marketing Corp (Pvt) Ltd (OMC) (Bangladesh)
MedPharm Corporation (Guam)
Mirco Ltd (Georgia)
Chemoscience (Thailand) Co Ltd (Thailand)
IM GBG MDL SRL (Moldova)
Synergy Medical Systems LLP (India)
Evoqua Water Technologies LLC (United States of America)
PT Chemoscience Indonesia (Indonesia)
Labena doo Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Ramguz SA (Colombia)
Alfalab Ltd Georgia (Georgia)
Concern - Energomash CJSC (Armenia)
Techno Instruments (Pvt) Ltd (Sri Lanka)
Labena doo Beograd (Serbia & Montenegro)
Labena doel (Macedonia)
Surgitech AS (Estonia)
Aquaflow Oy (Finland)
Sena and Vans Co Ltd (Japan)
BVS-Wassertechnik (BVS Water Technology) (Austria)
Amco Instruments srl (Dominican Republic)
Proximed Ltd (Mauritius)
DKSH Korea Ltd (South Korea)
Advance Medisystems Ltd (Nigeria)
Aviles Uribe SAC (Peru)
Enzed Trade Inc (Philippines)
Enkrott SA (Portugal)
Microhaem Scientifics Rwanda Ltd (Rwanda)
VWS MEMSEP sro (Czech Republic)
SCANCO Ecuador (Ecuador)
Diagnostic Systems Pakistan (Pakistan)
SCANCO Nicaragua (Nicaragua)
Local Offices:
ELGA / Veolia Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia)
Sister Companies:
Veolia Water Technologies (France)
Veolia Water Technologies Malaysia (Malaysia)
Veolia Water Technologies UK (United Kingdom)