Analox Instruments Ltd UK
Analox Instruments Ltd UK

Analox Instruments Ltd UK

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Unit 22 Acton Park Industrial Estate
The Vale
W3 7QE
United Kingdom
+44 2087 497 635
Automation & Informatics
Food & Agriculture
Clinical / Diagnostics
Life Sciences
Manufacturing & Processing
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Laboratory Equipment (General)
Laboratory Instruments (Specialist)
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Process Instruments
Cell Culture/Tissue Culture
Point of Care / Rapid Tests
Measurement and Control
About Us:

Analox Instruments Ltd is an British company with 40 years experience. We manufacture and supply instruments and reagents for the measurement of Glucose, Lactate, Alcohol in clinical, research and industrial settings.

The electrochemical technology employed in our products is exceptionally fast with results becoming available in less than 20 seconds after sample injection, and is remarkably free from the interference problems associated with traditional optical techniques.

The unique selling proposition of our technology lies in its simplicity and quality of results.

We manufacture all of our products - analysers and reagent consumables - to internationally recognised quality systems.

Looking for Distributors in Regions:
Asia Pacific
Eastern/Central Europe
South America
Official Distributors:
Alphatech Systems Ltd (New Zealand)
Analis Scientific Instruments (Belgium)
Campro Scientific GmbH (Germany)
Helena Laboratories (Australia) Pty Ltd (Australia)
Svanholm (Denmark)
Imlab Bvba (Belgium)
Imlab sarl (France)
Siramed (Romania)
Diatech Turkey (Turkey)
Next Instruments Pty Ltd (Australia)
APR OOD (Bulgaria)
Local Offices:
Analox Instruments USA (United States of America)