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RBC Bioscience Corp
RBC Bioscience Corp

RBC Bioscience Corp

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Business Address:
15F., No.15, Qiaohe Rd.,Zhonghe Dist.
New Taipei City
+886 2 8912 1200
+886 2 8912 1300
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Automation & Informatics
Medical Equipment & Supplies
Clinical / Diagnostics
Life Sciences
Pharma & Biotech
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Reagents & Kits
Laboratory Equipment (General)
Laboratory Consumables / Labware
Laboratory Instruments (Specialist)
Products, Services & Applications:
Molecular Biology
Cell Biology
Medical Devices
Sample Preparation
Genomics & Epigenetics
Drug Development Products
Diagnostics: Molecular
About Us:

RBC Bioscience, a leading global provider of life science products, is based in Taiwan with research partners in Korea and Japan. RBC Bioscience was first established in 2004 and recapitalized in January 2006. As an ISO9001 and CE certified manufacturer of Life Science products for clinical and research applications in Molecular diagnostics, RBC with our vast network of distributors in 27 countries worldwide is able to provide you, our valued customers, with our comprehensive line of Molecular products.

Core Technology
We are deeply committed to new discoveries in molecular biology. Our innovative products include the following:
* HIT Competent cells: RBC HIT Competent Cells are the fastest transformation cells worldwide with one Minute one Step and Non-Heat Shock patented protocol.
* OnePick Blunt End Cloning Vector allows direct selection of positive recombinants via disruption of the cytotoxic OP sequence. Guarantees that your selection never hit around but on the head.

We have dedicated ourselves to be an innovative, dynamic inventor and manufacturer with highly qualified business units in the following areas:
* Life science
* Molecular Biology
* Genetic Diagnostic
* Genetic Automation
* Consumer Products

More Info About Our Products:

RBC Bioscience is an ISO, CE-IVD and QMS certified as well as U.S. FDA registered, world-leading manufacturer of reagents and devices for Life Science and Molecular Diagnosis.
Our automated extraction systems are simple, fast and cost effective, offering scalable solutions for diagnostics and research. MagCore products are sold all over the world: Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, Romania, USA, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Egypt, Tunisia, Japan, Malaysia, etc.
Throughout history we have endeavored to provide efficient solutions for the demands of the market based on innovative products and quality results. Our latest extractor combines NA extraction and PCR setup in one instrument representing the next level of lab automation.

More Info About Our Products:

- RBC Real Genomics products - a line up of the reagent for manual NA extraction
- Automated systems for RNA/DNA purification with pre-filled reagent cartridges - product line that includes instruments (3 models of automated NA extractors, 1 with automatic PCR setup) and a wide range of kits with flexible starting volumes, elution volumes and suitable for extraction from different samples from saliva and sputum to blood, tissue and FFPE.

Looking for Distributors in Regions:
Asia Pacific
Eastern/Central Europe
Middle East
North America
South America
Looking for Distributors in Countries:
South Africa
Official Distributors:
Access International (Pvt) Ltd (Sri Lanka)
Anatolia Geneworks Inc (Turkey)
ATRiDA (The Netherlands)
Axil Scientific Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Baptista Marques Diagnostica Lda (Portugal)
Bio-Lab Ltd (Israel)
Biodiagnostics Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
Biokart India Pvt Ltd (India)
Bioman Scientific Co (Taiwan)
Biotech Research Solutions (India)
Donserv (Poland)
Durviz SL | Real Laboratory (Spain)
Ecomed+ Ltd (Russia)
Genytec - Genética Y Technología (Chile)
Gibthai Co Ltd (Thailand)
Global Technology Egypt (Egypt)
Iramed (Iran)
ISIS (Ireland)
KRD (Slovakia) Ltd (Slovakia)
KRD obchodni spolecnost s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
Lab Supplies / P Galanis & Co (Greece)
Labgene Scientific SA (Switzerland)
Life Biomedical Limited (United Kingdom)
NIPPON Genetics EUROPE GmbH (Germany)
Scientex Pty Ltd (Australia)
Scitrove Inc (Japan)
Thermo Fisher Scientific Sweden (Sweden)
Vietech Kim NGUU Instrument & Chemical Im-Ex JSC (Vietnam)
Alliance Global Group AGBL (UAE) (United Arab Emirates)
BioAmerica Inc/Biologia Molecular Brasil Ltda (Brazil)
BioAspect (Canada)
Biotechnologies Ltd (Russia)
Cientifica Vela Quin (Mexico)
Diatech Lab Line Srl (Italy)
Diatech Pharmacogenetics (Italy)
Dong In Biotech Co Ltd (South Korea)