Applied Thermal Control (ATC)
Applied Thermal Control (ATC)

Applied Thermal Control (ATC)

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Laboratory Equipment (General)
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High Vacuum, Semiconductor Fabrication, Electro-Optical Systems, Ophthalmic Laboratories, Biomedical Systems, Precision Manufacturing,

About Us:

We work in cooperation with equipment manufacturers to supply our users with re-circulation chillers, water-water heat exchangers and air blast coolers designed to optimise performance and reliability.

As a company we recognise the importance of superior after sales service and are working towards providing this on a worldwide basis through a network of carefully chosen partners and distributors.

We are proud of our ISO9001:2000 certification, knowing that this reinforces our dedication to quality. We are excited by the rising number of applications in which we can invest our expertise, and look forward to continued growth over the coming years.

ATC chillers are well established in the scientific instrument support markets (electron microscopes, X-ray diffraction, ICPMS etc.), semiconductor process, ophthalmic lens manufacturing equipment, machine tool, and more recently the chillers of choice for commercial digital printing and laser lithography markets worldwide.

About Us:

ATC offers a choice of compact and robust recirculating chillers from 480W through to 9kW cooling capacity. ATC machines provide temperature control to 0.10C precision. This level of control is required in a range of important applications including analytical instrumentation such as electron microscopes, mass spectrometers and X-ray diffraction, through to industrial process control. ATC supplies re-circulating chillers to end-users as well as prestigious OEM companies throughout the world. ATC chillers are renowned for their reliability.

Our Products, Applications and Services:

ATC manufactured chillers, coolers and heat exchangers are used to control the thermal environment within a wide variety of applications, where air can not cool the system quickly enough. Cooling is required to either prevent damage to components, reduce distortion in processes, improve repeatability and stability in analytical analysis or remove heat from chemical reactions. Although historically these have tended to be cooled with mains tap water, the prohibitive cost of water together with the environmental impact of waste water have made chillers more desirable. ATC offers compact, economical and versatile products, together with excellent service and technical back up, to satisfy these markets.

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SDI Group (United Kingdom)
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