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Antylia Scientific (Cole-Parmer) UK
Antylia Scientific (Cole-Parmer) UK

Antylia Scientific (Cole-Parmer) UK

Company Type:
Business Address:
9 Orion Court, Ambuscade Road
Colmworth Business Park
St Neots
PE19 8YX
United Kingdom
+44 1480 272 279
+44 1480 212 122
Automation & Informatics
Medical Equipment & Supplies
Food & Agriculture
Clinical / Diagnostics
Materials Sciences
Life Sciences
Pharma & Biotech
Scientific Services
Manufacturing & Processing
General Laboratory
Product Type:
Reagents & Kits
Laboratory Equipment (General)
Laboratory Consumables / Labware
Laboratory Instruments (Specialist)
Products, Services & Applications:
Liquid Handling
Molecular Biology
Cell Biology
Medical Devices
Sample Preparation
Parts and Components
Process Instruments
Genomics & Epigenetics
Cell Culture/Tissue Culture
Drug Discovery Products
Oil and Gas
Personal Care & Cosmetics
Drug Manufacturing
Drug Discovery Services
Clinical Trials
Refurbished Equipment
Contract Research Organisation (CRO)
Drug Development Products
High Throughput Screening (HTS)
Service / Repair
Parts and Components Manufacture
Sample Production
Diagnostics: Molecular
Teaching / Education
PPE, Safety Wear, Infection Control
Quality Control
Software Development/ Integration
Product Development
Sample Storage / Management
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Reference Standards
Clinical Chemistry
Diagnostics: Drugs of Abuse
About Us:

When scientific advancement and technological innovation converge, we meet the needs of our customers everywhere

We support the expanding needs of scientists throughout the world. Accepting that challenge comes with responsibility as we know that the scientific innovations of our customers can’t wait.

Working with urgency and purpose, Antylia Scientific brings mission critical products to our customers in support of their quest to discover and manufacture new therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostics.

ZeptoMetrix is an industry leader in the design, development, and delivery of innovative, quality solutions to the infectious disease diagnostics market. Founded in 1999, the company’s expertise and abilities in molecular diagnostics, including external quality controls, verification panels, proficiency panels, customized and OEM products/services have set the industry standard for performance and reliability and made ZeptoMetrix the preferred choice for independent 3rd party quality control materials.

ZeptoMetrix’s patented NATtrolTM process renders highly-purified microorganisms non-infectious while allowing internal nucleic acids to remain intact, thereby serving as an ideal reference material for molecular diagnostic testing applications.

SPEX is a market leader of high quality, innovative inorganic and organic certified reference materials, sample preparation equipment and supplies for a diverse range of analytical techniques including chromatography, spectroscopy and PCR. Our products are used in pharma, biomedical, food, beverage and botanicals laboratories worldwide. Our commitment to our customers is to satisfy their increasing requirements for the highest quality of product, delivery and service.

Our Traceable business leads in providing real-time, highly calibrated measurement, monitoring and storage solutions for biological materials offering end-to-end traceability and predictive analytics ensuring that our customers products maintain their effectiveness and arrive safely.

Our Cole-Parmer Essentials brand is home to more than 200,000 laboratory essentials that have become synonymous with unsurpassed quality and indispensable value to scientists in labs around the world.

Cole-Parmer is renowned for offering exceptional service and technical support. Our team of technical support representatives are highly trained product experts with scientific backgrounds and industry experience. Customers rely on this team for help in selecting the right product for their application.

Environmental Express is the globally recognized leader for innovation, development and manufacture of sample collection, preparation, single use consumables and analysis equipment used in the environmental water, soil and air analysis laboratory.

Environmental Express is known for our ability to develop products that improve repeatability and traceability and deliver highly accurate results in the globally regulated testing of air quality, occupational health, water/wastewater analysis, metals analysis, hazardous waste analysis, and other environmental cycles.
We see the future of science through a sharply focused lens of human experience

Our portfolio tells only a fraction of the story. Empathy for the people who are the beneficiaries of our work fuels our passion for creating the best science.

Science with the power to transform lives through enabling discoveries and production of new therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics
Science that defines world-class precision, repeatability and reliability influencing industry standards everywhere
Science that leverages smart technologies to monitor, store and track sensitive therapies and control equipment precisely from anywhere at anytime
Science that builds relationships based on trust and dream-job opportunities for people who want to work in any segment of our endlessly expanding industry

More Info About Our Products:

Liquid Handling
Dispenser Tips
High Throughput Screening
Microcentrifuge Tubes
Micronic Sample Storage Solutions
Pipette Tips
Robotic Tips
Sample Storage Instruments and Equipment
Sample Tubes & Racks
Against Breast Cancer Pink Caps
Vials - Chromatography
KX Microwave Vials
Sample Vials & Tubes
96 Well Plates & Sealing Mats
Deuterium Lamps
Hollow Cathode Lamps
HPLC Instrument Spares & Lamps
Upchurch Fittings and Tubing
HPLC Columns and Guards
GC Instrument Spares
Electron Multipliers
Domnick Hunter
GC Columns
SGE Syringes
TELOS Flash Chromatography Products
TELOS Sample Preparation Products
TELOS Commercial Equivalent HPLC & UHPLC Columns
Varian Bond Elut
KX+ Syringe Filters
Tablet Dissolution
Bio-Chem Valves
Diba Omnifit Labware
KX VaporSafe
Accustandard - Chemical Reference Standards
Lipomed - Drug Reference Standards
Kinesis Sample Preparation & Chromatography Consumables

Looking for Distributors in Regions:
Asia Pacific
South America
Head Office:
Antylia Scientific USA (United States of America)
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BIO-CHEM FLUIDICS Ltd (United Kingdom)
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