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Nordic BioSite AB
Nordic BioSite AB

Nordic BioSite AB

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Channel Partner
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Propellervägen 4A
S-183 62
+46 854 443 340
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Automation & Informatics
Medical Equipment & Supplies
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Life Sciences
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Reagents & Kits
Laboratory Equipment (General)
Laboratory Consumables / Labware
Laboratory Instruments (Specialist)
Software & Informatics
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Liquid Handling
Molecular Biology
Cell Biology
Medical Devices
Sample Preparation
Genomics & Epigenetics
Cell Culture/Tissue Culture
Drug Discovery Products
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Covid-19 Products & Services
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Diagnostics: Infectious Diseases
About Us:

Now in business for nearly 20 years, Nordic BioSite is recognized as a leader in supply of products for research and diagnostic, Immunology and Molecular Biology, to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostic and to academic researchers.

Continuously, Nordic BioSite introduces many novel products as a result of the research and development with our partners and the feed back from our customers. Through the development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of our products our aim is to facilitate your research.

We thank you for your support and look forward to serving you in the future. In our effort to improve our product line and our service, we welcome your comments and inputs. Please feel free to send your message and visit us again to see how we grow and change.

More Info About Our Products:

BioSite Histo:
Histology serices
Invitro Testing
Invitro Research

More Info About Our Products:

Accessories / Ancillary Reagents
Amino Acids & Peptides
Antibodies, Isotype Control
Antibodies, Primary
Antibodies, Secondary
Buffers & Mixes
Chemicals / Biochemicals
Culture Media
Detection Reagents
Expression Systems
Molecular Weight Markers
Nanoparticles & Beads
Next Generation Sequencing
Nucleotides & Nucleic Acids
Plastics & Consumables
Primers & Probes
Serum & Plasma
Small Molecules
Tissue & Slides

Custom Services
A key tool in both early research and later stage development. IHC is a process of localizing proteins in the cells of tissue sections by exploiting the principle of antibodies binding to specific antigens. Familiarize yourself with our comprehensive range of IHC protocols for over 140 antibodies.

Optimal protocol for many routine antigens used in clinical pathology
Optimize existing protocols and develop new protocols
Double or multi immunohistochemical staining techniques, chromogenic or fluorescence visualization
Antibody cross-reactivity studies

BioSiteHisto provides high-quality human and animal hard and soft tissue processing, preparation, and quantitative analysis. We have extensive experience in both routine and special stainings. Take a closer look at our GLP- or non-GLP histology service and tell us how we can help you in your project.

Routine tissue processing and sectioning.
Optimal staining protocol for CNS samples of rodents.
Hard tissue histology
Histochemical staining of plastic sections of bones including plant tissue sections.
Morphometrical evaluations of stained sections
Xenograft IHC studies

Antibody Production
Nordic BioSite’s Custom Antibody Services include many competitively-priced packages for antibody production. We offer a full-service for the customized production of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

Nordic BioSite Optibodies
Nordic BioSite mAb’s
Polyclonal Antibody Services
Antibody Optimization for IHC

Assay Development Services
Our partner Arbor Assays, provide a specialist assay development service which is specialized in making easy to use, precise, sensitive kits for small molecular weight molecules. Their assays utilize the most appropriate technology, color, fluorescence or chemiluminescence, to acheive the best possible analytical outcome. They use the most well defined materials to standardize any assay, utilizing NIST Standard Reference Materials, high quality enzymes and antigens for every assay. There scienitific integrity demands that they must produce the best possible assay outcome.

In-vitro Research
Our laboratory facility offers modern in-vitro methods for safety & efficacy studies. Our tools for in vitro research include a wide range of cell lines and primary cells, from monolayer cultures of single cell types to 3D models of skin, cornea, and other tissues. We can offer our services for studying the effects of test items of interest on cells/tissues by detecting various end points including:


In-vitro Testing
We offer OECD-validated or scientifically validated in vitro tests in our GLP-laboratory for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. Take a look at our test package!

In vitro skin corrosion test (OECD 431)
In vitro skin irritation test (OECD 439)
In vitro human ocular irritation test
Cytotoxicity test
Dermal photoxicity test

Recombinant Protein Expression Services
Nordic BioSite’s custom recombinant protein services provide a comprehensive portfolio of protein expression system We have a high quality, tailor-made protein expression service available, from gene synthesis to protein expression/purification. Our service builds on 20 years of experience and offers the most up-to-date products available to ensure optimal protein yields.

Customer Peptide Synthesis
We offer a full spectrum of high-quality custom peptide synthesis services. Drawing on decades of experience, we take your custom peptide expectations personally, and we are relentless in delivering satisfaction on every aspect of your project. We are specialists in both routine and more challenging peptides and our synthesis methods and purification strategies yield products of the highest quality and purity.

Other Customer Services
Custom antibody conjugation
Predesigned AirTM adenylated linkers for Next Generation sequencing

ClinStorage - Secure storage for your biological samples
A GMP certified provider of safe and secure storage of biological samples such as tissues, plasma and cells. Additionally, ClinStorage stores pharmaceutical products. ClinStorage is certified by the Swedish Medical Products Agency and the GMP standards are applicable for GLP and GCP samples and applied within Pharma industry.

Local Offices:
Nordic BioSite ApS (Denmark)
Nordic BioSite AS (Norway)
Nordic BioSite Oy (Finland)
Nordic BioSite Inc (United States of America)
Official Distributors:
Aurogene Srl (Italy)
DBA Italia Srl (Diagnostic Brokers Associated) (Italy)
Mount Biosciences Inc (India)
Prodotti Gianni SpA (Italy)
SGP Bio Dynamics Ltd (Bulgaria)
OZYME France (France)
Official Manufacturers:
Medical & Biological Labs (MBL) (Japan)
Bioline Meridian Bioscience Ltd (United Kingdom)
MoBiTec GmbH (Germany)
Bio-Rad Antibodies (United Kingdom)
AAT Bioquest (ABD Bioquest Inc) (United States of America)
Bio-Techne / Novus Biologicals LLC (United States of America)
Cell Biolabs Inc (United States of America)
ABT Agarose Bead Technologies (Spain)
Enzo Life Sciences Inc (United States of America)
Fortis Life Sciences (United States of America)
LifeSpan Biosciences Inc (LSBio) (United States of America)
Streck Inc (United States of America)
Revvity / BioLegend Inc (United States of America)
Hycult Biotech (The Netherlands)
US Biological (United States Biological) (United States of America)
Monosan (The Netherlands)
Biogenex USA (United States of America)
BPS Bioscience Inc (United States of America)
Biocolor (United Kingdom)
Zymo Research Corp (United States of America)
GenWay Biotech Inc (United States of America)
Abcepta Inc (Abgent) (United States of America)
Revvity Inc USA (United States of America)
Abbiotec LLC (United States of America)
GenHunter Corp (United States of America)
SAB Signalway Antibody (United States of America)
Arbor Assays LLC (United States of America)
Dendritics (France)
Proteintech / HumanZyme Inc (United States of America)
AG Scientific Inc (United States of America)
ProSci Incorporated (United States of America)
Oxford Expression Technologies (OET) (United Kingdom)
Bioworld Technology Inc (United States of America)
Bio-Helix Co Ltd (Taiwan)
Neuromics (United States of America)
Proteintech Group Inc (United States of America)
AbboMax Inc (United States of America)
Cusabio Biotech Co Ltd (United States of America)
Sino Biological Inc (China)
ESI BIO (United States of America)
Fortis Life Sciences / Abcore USA (United States of America)
Aviscera Bioscience Inc (United States of America)
TransGen Biotech Co Ltd (TransBionovo Co Ltd) (China)
Diaclone (France)
ProMab Biotechnologies Inc (United States of America)
AdipoGen Corp (United States of America)
Absolute Antibody Ltd (United Kingdom)
Zeta Corporation (United States of America)
RevMab Biosciences USA Inc (United States of America)
Cube Biotech (Germany)
Abeomics (United States of America)
Research Donors Ltd (United Kingdom)
BioXcell (United States of America)
Meridian Life Science Inc (United States of America)
DB Biotech Ltd (Slovakia)
Labcorp Drug Development (United States of America)
Roche Applied Science (Switzerland)