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Eurobio Scientific Group
Eurobio Scientific Group

Eurobio Scientific Group

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Channel Partner
Business Address:
7 avenue de Scandinavie
ZA de Courtaboeuf
Les Ulis CEDEX B
Business Address:
Bâtiment 3
17 Avenue du Parc
Chilly Mazarin
+33 169 79 64 80
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About Us:

The Eurobio Scientific group is a French fully integrated leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics with expertise ranging from discovery to commercialization of specialty diagnostic solutions as well as products for research in life-science.
As a result of the acquisition of InGen by Exonhit in 2012 followed by the acquisition of Eurobio in 2017, the new Eurobio Scientific group benefits from the complementary capabilities derived from each company’s business models. Its growth is based on the continued development of its distribution activities, and the development of its high added value proprietary innovative diagnostic and life-science products.
Eurobio Scientific owns a broad and diversified portfolio of proprietary products in four specialty areas : transplantation, infectious diseases, life-science and cancer.
In transplantation, the group commercializes media for the transportation and preservation of cornea grafts as well as a device to facilitate the corresponding surgery.
The group also commercializes AlloMap, a molecular test for the surveillance of heart-transplant patients, under an exclusive licence for Europe.
For infectious diseases, the group is currently marketing several proprietary products, including TQS® (Tetanus Quick Stick) for the evaluation of patients’ immune status against tetanus, and the EBX molecular biology family which includes a range of tests aiming at identifying many pathogens responsible for infectious diseases and assessing the magnitude of the infection .

In life-science, the group develops several products for R&D, targeting both government research organizations and the pharmaceutical industry. Eurobio Scientific commercializes cell culture media, molecular biology reagents as well as proprietary antibodies. Combining its own laboratory and a strong industrial expertise, the company also offers a service dedicated to manufacturing taylor-made products for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Additionally, Eurobio Scientific develops other diagnostic products using its molecular biology know-how.
The group is currently the leading independent distributor of in vitro diagnostics in its territory.
It markets specialty diagnostic tests to public and private clinical laboratories, and is the market leader in France for distribution of HLA tests for transplantation.
Under exclusivity, Eurobio Scientific also commercializes tests and automated solutions developed by foreign industrial partners (US, South Korea, Europe…) in the field of infectious diseases, auto-immunity and quality control. It also sells a comprehensive range of reagents and instruments to life-science R&D laboratories.
With its engineers and product specialists, the group provides a superior service to its clients, including a dedicated hotline, technical support and servicing a large base of more than 500 diagnostic instruments installed in its clients laboratories.
Eurobio Scientific manufactures its proprietary products in-house, in the manufacturing facilities located on its premises in Les Ulis (France), San Diego (California) and Rheinbach (Germany).

More Info About Our Products:

Custom-made services
Detection Systems
Cell Biology
Cell markers
Cytokines and
Growth factors
Dendritic Cells
Transcription Factors
Virology and
Cytokines and
Growth factors
Endocrinology /
Oxidative Sress


Cytokines and
Growth factors
Animal sera, Media,
reagents and additives
Cell Separation


DNA Polymerases /
dNTPs / Ladder
Competent cells

More Info About Our Products:

Eurobio offers reagents in Cell Culture, such as sera and animal products, antibiotics, anti-infective agents, enzymes, stock solutions of amino acids, dyes, buffers, routine use or custom-made cell culture media, buffers and salt solutions, mitogens for chromosome analysis, separation media of blood cells, albumin, bovine immunity adjuvants and growth factors , in Molecular Biology such as nucleic acid extraction, reagents for electrophoresis (standard agarose or special acrylamide, buffers, molecular weight markers), cloning (colored substrates, enzymes and antibiotics), in vitro enzymatic amplification (DNA polymerases, reverse transcriptase, nucleotides and oligonucleotides), hybridization reagents, PCR/qPCR reagents

Eurobio is also specialized in antibodies (more than 25000 references and custom-made), immunology, immune-histology and kits.

More Info About Our Products:

Infectious diseases
Quality control
Genetic diseases

More Info About Our Products:

Commercialized products
Tétanos Quick Stick® (TQS):
Tétanos Quick Stick® (TQS) is able to provide a reliable and rapid assessment, in emergency clinics, to assist in the decision of which personalized anti-tetanus prophylaxis is appropriate.
Tétanos Quick Stick® (TQS) is a unitary test that allows, within 10 minutes, the determination of the tetanus vaccination status of a patient with an at risk wound. Using TQS avoids hyper-immunization and limits the administration of unnecessary immunoglobulin injections.

In-house development products
BJI InoPlex® is the first multiplex serological test to aid in the diagnosis of Prosthetic Joint Infections (PJI). The test uses a panel of pathogen-specific recombinant antigens derived from the most frequent microorganisms causing PJI: Staph. epidermidis, Staph. aureus, Staph. lugdunensis, Streptococci Group B and Propionibacterium acnes.
Developed on both Luminex® 100/200™ and MagPix®, BJI InoPlex® is a test to help in a differential diagnosis between mechanical failure of the prosthesis and a potential infection. The test is intended to be used in case of suspiscion of PJI in addition of the usual diagnostic tool.

Deriving strength from its expertise acquired through the development of Dx14, Diaxonhit decided to develop a new signature for the diagnostic of thyroid cancer: Dx15.
The thyroid nodules are frequent - prevalence of 4 to 7 % (1) in the general population -, but only 5% of them are malignant (2). The reference test for the diagnostic of thyroid cancer is the thyroid FNA followed by a cytological examination with microscope.
The Bethesda classification recommendations, of which the French Society of Clinical Cytology published a French version in 2012(3), allow the standardization of cytology results:

In this system, 3 categories, which represent from 15% to 30% of all results, end with an uncertain diagnosis. In these cases, physicians regularly procede with the partial or total ablation of the thyroid gland.
Dx15 will determine the malignant or benign nature of a FNA sample classified as “undetermined” by the current clinical assessment guidelines, and ultimately avoid unnecessary surgeries.

Exclusive license products
AlloMap® is a gene-expression profiling based blood test. The test is a new method for regular and non-invasive surveillance of heart transplant recipients for acute cellular rejection, thereby contributing to patient follow-up optimization. AlloMap provides unique information regarding the body’s immune response to a transplanted heart in the form of an objective score.
The test has been clinically validated in four major clinical studies in the US and Europe, involving over 2,000 heart transplant recipients and 40 clinical centers. Surveillance of heart recipients with the non-invasive AlloMap test has been shown to be as effective as surveillance with biopsies in heart transplantation clinical outcomes, based on the landmark IMAGE study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in April 2010.
The International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation recommended AlloMap testing in its guidelines for the management of heart transplant recipients in August 2010.
Developed and marketed since 2005 by XDx in the United States as a CLIA certified test, AlloMap was cleared in 2008 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration through the 510K de novo process, and has gained acceptance by heart transplantation key opinion leaders to aid in the management of their patients as an alternative surveillance method. 2,000 heart transplants are performed annually in the United States in 120 medical centers, and over 90 centers have used AlloMap. To date, more than 10,000 patients have received the test in the United States. The use of AlloMap has extensive reimbursement coverage by both private and government health insurance. The test received CE marking in 2011.
Diaxonhit will promote AlloMap in Europe through its wholly owned subsidiary, InGen, the leader in France for marketing tests related to transplantation and histocompatibility testing.

Co-developped with Partners products
TEDAC Consortium:
Headed by project leader ERYTECH Pharma, the consortium includes Diaxonhit, AP-HP (Paris Public Hospitals), Inserm (National Institute for medical research), and Paris-Diderot University. It aims at developing innovative therapies for the enzymatic treatment of chemo- or radio- resistant cancers, and tools enabling personalized care of patients.

Companion diagnostic for resistant cancers
Diaxonhit will be responsible for two phases of the project that utilize its hGWSA technology, which enables the study of the transcriptomic profile of tumors:
1) the identification of biomarkers of susceptibility to therapeutic response in the context of reducing the risks associated with the development of treatments, and
2) the development of an enzymatic therapy companion diagnostic that will identify responders, thus improving personalized care.

Test for treatment monitoring
Diaxonhit is also in charge of the development of a test to monitor the direct effect of drug activity by measuring the depletion of amino acids. The test result will allow the clinician to adjust and optimize an individual patient’s therapeutic regiment.

Looking for Distributors in Regions:
Asia Pacific
Eastern/Central Europe
Official Distributors:
Assaypro LLC (United States of America)
Biomedica Medizinprodukte GmbH & Co KG (Austria)
BioPorto Diagnostics A/S (Denmark)
Biosepar (Germany)
Cusabio Biotech Co Ltd (United States of America)
Denka Seiken (Japan)
DIA.PRO Diagnostic Bioprobes Srl (Italy)
diaDexus (United States of America)
Hologic Inc (United States of America)
Immuno Concepts N.A Ltd (United States of America)
Mediwell Corp (South Korea)
Novamed Ltd (Israel)
ORF Genetics (Iceland)
Quantimetrix Corp (United States of America)
Rosco Diagnostica A/S (Denmark)
Seegene Inc (South Korea)
Standard Diagnostics (South Korea)
STRATEC Molecular / Invitek GmbH (Germany)
Zeus Scientific Inc (United States of America)
Bulldog Bio Inc (United States of America)
Chemie Brunschwig AG (Switzerland)
LabClinics SA (Spain)
LINARIS GmbH (Germany)
Sanbio BV (The Netherlands)
Veritas Bio | Biotika Biotecnologia (Brazil)
VitroBioChem SRL (Romania)
Official Manufacturers:
Alpco (American Laboratory Products Company) (United States of America)
Fujirebio Inc (Japan)
BioVendor Laboratorni Medicina AS (Czech Republic)
AID Diagnostika GmbH (Germany)
Analytik Jena GmbH (Germany)
Biowest SAS (France)
HTZ Ltd (United Kingdom)
STRATEC Molecular / Invitek GmbH (Germany)
Clonit Srl (Italy)
Streck Inc (United States of America)
Cliniqa (United States of America)
Cepheid (United States of America)
Labsystems Diagnostics Oy (Finland)
Thermo Fisher Scientific / Clinical & Diagnostics (United States of America)
DiaSorin / Focus Diagnostics (United States of America)
sifin diagnostics GmbH (Germany)
InvivoScribe Technologies (United States of America)
OriGen Biomedical Inc (United States of America)
JaICA (Japan)
Seegene Inc (South Korea)
LGC Clinical Diagnostics Inc (United States of America)
MicroBioLogics Inc (United States of America)
ImmunoChemistry Technologies (United States of America)
Quidel Corp (United States of America)
AG Scientific Inc (United States of America)
Zeus Scientific Inc (United States of America)
CytoGen GmbH (Germany)
Sero AS (Norway)
Vector Laboratories Inc (United States of America)
Bioworld Technology Inc (United States of America)
UTAK Laboratories Inc (United States of America)
Fujirebio Diagnostics Inc (United States of America)
Wuhan EIAab Science Co Ltd (China)
LI-COR Biotechnology (US) (United States of America)
ravo Diagnostika (Germany)
XDx, Inc (United States of America)
PCR Biosystems Ltd (United Kingdom)
Diaclone (France)
RevMab Biosciences USA Inc (United States of America)
Advanced Biological Laboratories SA (ABL) (Luxembourg)
Tridelta Development Ltd (Ireland)
Wuhan Fine Biotech Co Ltd (FineTest) (China)
Oncimmune Holdings plc (United Kingdom)
Vitro SA / Master Diagnóstica (Spain)
OZYME France (France)
Tecan Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
Thermo Fisher Scientific / Life Sciences (United States of America)
TECOmedical AG (Switzerland)
Adaltis Srl (Italy)
LI-COR Biosciences (Corporate HQ) (United States of America)
Bio Optica Milan SpA (Italy)
Hologic UK (United Kingdom)
Thermo Fisher Scientific / Invitrogen (United States of America)
Trinity Biotech plc (Ireland)
Grifols Movaco SA (Spain)
Novamed (United States of America)
Virotech Diagnostics GmbH (Germany)
Luminex Corp (United States of America)
Quidel / Diagnostics Hybrid Inc / Immutopics Inc (United States of America)
RNA Medical (United States of America)
Immunodiagnostic Systems plc (IDS) (United Kingdom)
Salimetrics LLC (United States of America)
Dynex Technologies Inc (United States of America)
ORF Genetics (Iceland)
Immuno Concepts N.A Ltd (United States of America)
Novamed Ltd (Israel)
Cenbimo S L (Spain)
DiaMondiaL, EEIG (Austria)
Biocare Medical (United States of America)
One Lambda Europe (France)
D-tek s.a. (Belgium)
ZeptoMetrix Corp (United States of America)
Devyser AB (Sweden)
DiaSys Ltd (UK) (United Kingdom)
Alphadia SA/NV (Belgium)
Biogal Galed Labs (Israel)
Diesse Diagnostica Senese SpA (Italy)
Aesku.Diagnostics GmbH & Co KG (Germany)
3D Biotek LLC (United States of America)
Hemarina (France)
Neuro-Zone (Italy)
Astra Formedic Srl (Italy)
Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise Co Ltd (China)
Rochem Biocare Holding SA (Switzerland)
ZenTech SA (Belgium)
NG Biotech (France)
Boditech Med Inc (South Korea)
Bioclarma (Italy)
Apacor Ltd (United Kingdom)
Qnostics Ltd (United Kingdom)
Snibe Co Ltd (China)
SD Biosensor Inc (South Korea)
Diacron International Srl (Italy)
LenioBio GmbH (Germany)
ALCOR Scientific (United States of America)

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