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Business Address:
211, avenue J F Kennedy
BP 1140
03100 Montluçon CEDEX
+33 470 038 866
+33 470 037 306
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Automation & Informatics
Medical Equipment & Supplies
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Reagents & Kits
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Liquid Handling
Molecular Biology
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Drug Discovery Products
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Synthetic Biology
Covid-19 Products & Services
Diagnostics: Infectious Diseases
About Us:

We are a manufacturer and distributor :

leading manufacturer of HPLC columns in France

The manufacturer of UPTISPHERE, a new generation of Ultra high purity silica bonding

top distributor of chromatography consumables in France

one of the largest source of biological products for Scientific Research

a reference for combinatorial chemistry and "ultra-fine" chemistry

Our top scientific staff is available to meet your needs and expectations.

A network of distributor on a world-wide basis

We are in the forefront of new technologies : combinatorial HPLC, High Throughput Screening, combinatorial chemistry, chiral chromatography, new generations of columns, molecular biology, immunology...

More Info About Our Products:

BioScience Innovations
The BioScience Innovations team is primarily comprised of life sciences professionals who has established a solid foundation of knowledge, experience and valuable customer collaboration.

Immunodetection, BioChemistry, Proteomics, Genomics & Cell Biology are the main stream of the division business.

Bioscience reagents, from a simple buffer to the greatest technological product, Interchim serve today's needs of the bioscience area, thanks to a double approach:

-Manufacturer mainly in the field of Protein Assays & Fluorescent dyes, Labeled Antibodies (Uptima and FluoProbes branding)
-Distributor of famous brands like Jackson ImmunoResearch, Novus Biological, Amresco, Cayman, Biotium,…
and also many other smaller but specialized or innovative brands.

Our products offering include for example over 400 000 antibodies are available online from Prim’Ab search™ , +1000 ELISA kits, + 20 000 bioactive compounds, +1000 crosslinkers/PEG/labeling agents, +1000 fluorescent probes for cell study and molecular biology, …

Interchim is also involved in the field of bio-chromatography (InterBiochrom group) to take advantages of our knowledge of biology & chromatography. For example, Wide Pore Reverse Phase HPLC to Affinity and major manufacturer (Chisso, Tosoh Bioscience,…) address the complexity of biological sample purification and identification.

In addition, we offer custom services: Biochemicals production/packaging, Ab or Ag production, biopurification

Over 40 years of manufacturing & distribution experience in the Analytical Sciences industry.

Manufacturing competence has been built upon a unique technological understanding established through the long term product supply of many of the leading brand manufacturers. The family ethos that runs through the Interchim organization forms the cornerstone for the retention of core understanding of market requirement.

Interchim's proprietary range of chromatographic solutions are recognized as providing this sector with cutting edge technological advances relative to the current and progressive requirements of the analyst.

HPLC & SPE stationary phases & columns manufacturer, we have, thanks to our technology driven strategy, designed new LC columns hardware & created unique development & optimization tools for the Analytical Services.
Today, several of our joint-works with chromatography experts drove to publications in scientific literature.

Interchim distributes Analytical Sciences Consumables of the major manufacturers

InterFine Chemicals
Building Blocks & Intermediates: Interchim have an expanding range of innovative stock intermediates. Currently there are over 1000 different structures in stock available for immediate delivery direct from Interchim's warehouse. The complete range consists of over 7000 items.

Screening compounds: We offer over 1 million rare compounds for screening, at Interchim's facilities in France and also sourced from many partnerships that have been established across the globe over 40 years.

Custom Synthesis: Interchim has custom manufactured products for the scientific business sector since the foundation of the company over 40 years ago. For over a decade, Interchim has invested in facilities and a dedicated team of 'core competence' chemists to service a diverse portfolio of chemistry based custom services.

Synthesis Apparatus: Interchim is proud of its strong relationship with Radleys. A well know company involves in manufacturing high quality instruments for synthesis.

Purification: Interchim have vast experience in understanding both the chemists drive for purifying compounds and also the analysts drive for chromatographic separations. This experience has been drawn upon to produce a truly innovative ground breaking automated device and associated accessories for flash purification under the Ultra Performance Flash Purification concept.

Parent Company:
Advion Inc (United States of America)
Official Manufacturers:
Agilent Technologies Inc (United States of America)
Nacalai Tesque Inc (Japan)
Bertin Bioreagent (France)
YMC Europe GMBH (Germany)
OriGene / Acris GmbH (Germany)
AAT Bioquest (ABD Bioquest Inc) (United States of America)
Bio-Techne / Novus Biologicals LLC (United States of America)
Genesis Biotech Inc (Taiwan)
Meridian Life Science Inc (United States of America)
Spectrum Laboratories Inc (United States of America)
Nomura Chemical Co Ltd (Japan)
BIO-CHEM FLUIDICS Ltd (United Kingdom)
SGE Europe Ltd (United Kingdom)
Biotools B&M Labs SA (Spain)
Hamilton Company AG (Switzerland)
Radleys Discovery Technologies (United Kingdom)
Tosoh Bioscience GmbH (Germany)
LifeSpan Biosciences Inc (LSBio) (United States of America)
Optimize Technologies Inc (United States of America)
Alpha Diagnostic International Inc (United States of America)
AccuStandard Inc (United States of America)
VWR / AMRESCO LLC (United States of America)
Norgen Biotek Corp (Canada)
Fitzgerald Industries International (United States of America)
Biotium Inc (United States of America)
Biocolor (United Kingdom)
Cytoskeleton (United States of America)
Aviva Systems Biology LLC (United States of America)
Abgent Inc (United States of America)
Miles Scientific (Analtech/iChromatography) (United States of America)
Zeochem AG (Switzerland)
Shenandoah Biotechnology Inc (United States of America)
Innova Biosciences Ltd (United Kingdom)
Glygen Corp (United States of America)
Regis Technologies Inc (United States of America)
AG Scientific Inc (United States of America)
Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories Inc (United States of America)
Visual Protein Biotechnology Corp (Taiwan)
Chromatography Research Supplies Inc (CRS) (United States of America)
Shisedo Co Ltd (Japan)
Diba Industries Inc (United States of America)
Grace Bio-Labs Inc (United States of America)
Assaypro LLC (United States of America)
ZirChrom Separations, Inc (United States of America)
Bioworld Technology Inc (United States of America)
Bio-Helix Co Ltd (Taiwan)
Biorbyt Ltd (United Kingdom)
TriLink Biotechnologies (United States of America)
Boster Biological Technology Ltd (Immunoleader) (China)
BioChrom Labs Inc (United States of America)
DV Biologics (United States of America)
Valco Instruments Co Inc (VICI) (United States of America)
Assay Biotechnology Co Inc (United States of America)
Uniqsis Ltd (United Kingdom)
Creative BioMart (United States of America)
Wuhan EIAab Science Co Ltd (China)
Cusabio Biotech Co Ltd (United States of America)
ACROBiosystems Inc (United States of America)
Sino Biological Inc (China)
ABCell-Bio (France)
Bioss Antibodies Inc (Bioss USA) (United States of America)
Ares Bioscience GmbH / GeneCraft (Germany)
CellSeed Inc (Japan)
Absolute Antibody Ltd (United Kingdom)
Cloud-Clone Corp (United States of America)
ABclonal Inc (United States of America)
Nanocs Inc (United States of America)
Eprogen (Promigen Life Sciences LLC) (United States of America)
Protein Mods LLC (United States of America)
Invent Biotechnologies Inc (United States of America)
Trajan Scientific & Medical (Analytical) (Australia)
Lumiprobe Corp (United States of America)
enQuire BioReagents (United States of America)
Bio-Works Sweden AB (Sweden)
ION Biosciences (United States of America)
Helix Chromatography (United States of America)
HepatoChem Inc (United States of America)
Adar Biotech LTD (Israel)
Master Distributor:
Generon Ltd (United Kingdom)
Dias de Sousa SA (Portugal)
Kokusai Kinzoku Yakuhin Co Ltd (Japan)
Canadawide Scientific Ltd (Canada)
Chemie Brunschwig AG (Switzerland)
Galachem Ltd (Russia)
ABL&E-JASCO Magyarország Kft (Hungary)
ABL&E-JASCO Romania Srl (Romania)
Berthold Japan K.K. (Japan)
Chromlab SL (Spain)
imChem (France)
Local Offices:
Interchim Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
Interchim Inc (United States of America)
Cheshire Sciences (UK) Ltd (United Kingdom)