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LGC Biosearch Technologies / Douglas Scientific - Manufacturer based in MN, United States of America

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Douglas Scientific LLC, located in Alexandria, MN, began as a division of Douglas Machine Inc in 2009, and was incorporated as a wholly owned company in 2010. Douglas Scientific Facility - Alexandria, MN The Company provides patented Array Tape™ automation that enables laboratories around the world to rapidly process billions of genetic samples and chemical compounds. Array Tape™ is a continuous polymer strip embossed with micro wells used in laboratory testing. Douglas Scientific also designs and manufactures a full line of laboratory instrumentation -- Nexar®, Soellex® and Araya® -- to optimize dispensing and scanning in the Array Tape™ wells. Our technology allows scientists to complete screening at unprecedented speed and fractional costs, which enables new discovery in plant genomics, animal health, human diagnostics, and pharmaceutical applications. The Team at Douglas Scientific is dedicated to making the world a better place, and accomplishes this by delivering innovative laboratory automation that supports scientific advancement around the world. As an organization we think globally and act locally. We are saving lives around the world through our innovative laboratory automation and we are creating a strong impact locally by supporting our community. Since its founding, Douglas Scientific has experienced rapid growth (both in terms of product demand and workforce) and currently employs more than 80 professionals at its facility in the Alexandria Industrial Park - including experts in engineering, biosciences, automation, motion control, and other fields.

Product Types:

Laboratory Consumables / Labware
Laboratory Equipment / Instruments


Automation & Informatics
Life Sciences

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High Throughput Screening (HTS)
Liquid Handling
Molecular Biology
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