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Hogelandseweg 88
6545 AB
The Netherlands
+31 24 820 02 41
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Molecular Biology
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About Us:

NimaGen was founded in 2011 as a sister company of oligonucleotide company Biolegio B.V. We offer a wide range of products for DyeTerminator Sequencing and fluorescent Fragment Analysis applications. However, one of our key featured concepts is the Reverse Complement PCR technology, (RC-PCR) which allows NGS library preparation in a single, closed-tube workflow. Our application fields for the RC-PCR are Microbiology, Human Genetics, Forensics and Agrogenomics. Furthermore, as the European Distributor of Alpaqua, we can offer a line of magnetic separation plates for a variety of nucleotide isolation with magnetic beads.

At NimaGen, we are dedicated to deliver premium quality products for the Molecular Biology sector.

NimaGen - Innovators in DNA Sequencing Technologies

Applications, Products & Services:

Reverse Complement PCR (RC-PCR) in combination with NGS: EasySeq™ RC-PCR based NGS Library Prep for Human Genetics or Microbiology, IDseek® kits for Forensic MPS. Pre-spotted, Dehydrated, Colored Index Plates for RC-PCR kits (96 & 384 well format).
Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis: Dye-Terminator, Polymers, Running buffers, Cleanup kits, Size Standards, Enhancement buffer, Capillary Regeneration, Formamide.
Cleanup for NGS and magnetic separation plates

NimaGen's assay development services are project-based. We have extensive experience in the development of applications for Sanger sequencing and NGS. If you have any request concerning Reverse Complement PCR, don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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Asia Pacific
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South America
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United States of America
Parent Company:
Biolegio BV (The Netherlands)
Official Distributors:
Abiolabs Ltd (Mauritius)
Advena LLP (Kazakhstan)
Al-Rabiyah Medical and Laboratory Supplies (Jordan)
Alsi Ltd (Ukraine)
Amplikon Kft (Hungary)
Barcode Biosciences Pvt Ltd (BBS) (India)
Barcopharma Company (Iraq)
Biogen (Czech Republic) s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
Biolinkk (India)
Biologist Group d.o.o. (Serbia & Montenegro)
Biosolutions Ltd (Greece)
Biotecnomica SAC (Peru)
BRI Bio Research Importaciones SA de CV (Mexico)
Com West UAB (Lithuania)
Commugene (South Korea)
Darman Negar Ayandegan (DNA) (Iran)
Dexter Com Srl (Romania)
Diagnostica Longwood SL (Spain)
Dominique Dutscher SAS (France)
Elite Traders (Pakistan)
ELTA 90 Medical Science d.o.o. (Serbia & Montenegro)
Fast Track Egypt (Egypt)
GenDiagnostics SARL (Morocco)
Gene Target Solutions Pty Ltd (Australia)
GenePlus Co Ltd (Thailand)
Genetrics General Trading LLC (United Arab Emirates)
Gensutek Health Technologies Inc (Gensutek Sağlık Teknolojileri A.Ş.) (Turkey)
Hangzhou Woosen Biotechnology (WS-Bio) (China)
Inqaba Biotechnical Industries (Pty) Ltd (South Africa)
Invent Technologies Ltd (Bangladesh)
Inventive Biosystems & Solutions (IBS) (South Korea)
IVD Bulgaria Ltd (Bulgaria)
LifeGene (Israel)
Medivision (Vietnam)
Molecular Genomics (Romania)
NicheVision Forensics LLC (United States of America)
Polgen Sp. z.o.o. (Poland)
Resnova Srl (Italy)
SkyGen LLC (Russia)
Triolab AS (Denmark)
Triolab Norway (Norway)
Visur Ltda (Uruguay)
Official Manufacturers:
Alpaqua Engineering LLC (United States of America)

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