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Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd

Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd
Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd

Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd

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29 Station Road
United Kingdom
+44 1763 260 811
+44 1763 264 749
Life Sciences
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Laboratory Equipment / Instruments
About Us:

From singing birds to water baths
Grant Instruments was born over 70 years ago, through one man’s vision and passion for invention. Peter Ward, a Cambridge University economics graduate and Olympic three-mile runner had a hobby for repairing mechanical singing birds. From this, some might say, unlikely link, Peter went on to create his first commercial invention, a water bath. Together, with Cecil Chapman who joined Grant in 1954, both Cecil and Peter built the foundations of Grant Instruments to instil strong values that remain deep-rooted in the company today.

As a pioneer of temperature control Grant Instruments have for decades been developing innovative scientific apparatus solutions and data acquisition tools to the scientific, healthcare and industrial markets worldwide.

We are proud to say that we manufacture most of our scientific apparatus products in the UK. Our R&D team are based in-house, together with our sales and customer support teams, giving our customers and partners the levels of service they expect. Grant Instruments guiding principle set out all those years ago in 1951, to ensure we provide “speed of service”, is a strong value that we still stand by today.

Where we are today
Since we first began our journey in 1951, we have become renowned worldwide. We have built up a global presence, across 70 different counties. We have over 10,000 scientific apparatus products sold annually and 80,000 data acquisition products sold in total worldwide. We have over 60 employees across the USA, India and in our UK HQ on the outskirts of Cambridge.

The core of our business is bringing innovation, solutions and high-quality products direct to laboratories, healthcare and industrial markets. In all three sectors, we bring industry leading products that give high-performance and reliability. Our apparatus products are built in the UK and EU with regionally based teams to manage your needs, we can offer you the perfect blend of people and precision built products.

Applications, Products & Services:

Controlled Rate Freeze Thaw, CRFT, maximises cell survival without using liquid nitrogen
Heating Circulators
Heated Circulating Baths
Refrigerated Circulating Baths
Control And Analysis Software For The Laboratory
Flow Heater for remote temperature control
Unstirred Water Baths
Shaking Water Baths
Ultrasonic Baths
Dry Block Heating Systems
Dry Block Thermostats
Rotators and Rockers
Shakers, Mixers and Stirrers
PCR UV cabinets - DNA/RNA
Gradient Plate for seed germination efficacy testing
Inspissator for use in the preparation of TB culture medium
Transportable Incubator
Squirrel range of data loggers
Squirrel temperature loggers
Data logger accessories
SquirrelView software
NEW Yoyo data loggers
DataTaker data loggers

Eltek Semiconductors Ltd (United Kingdom)
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