Special Offers / 35% Off: Channel Partners in Singapore

35% Off: Channel Partners in Singapore

35% Off: Channel Partners in Singapore

This dataset of company profiles of channel partners in Singapore, will enable manufacturers to identify the best possible companies to work with in the country.

Singapore is often referred to as the 'Gateway to Asia' and it is useful to ensure that you have a partner here as part of your Asia expansion plan.

Number of Profiles in Dataset: 254
Normal Price: £ 279.40
Discount Percentage: 35.00 %
Discounted Price: £ 181.61

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More than just a list of companies!

  • The BCP Partnering Portal serves as a centralized platform, streamlining the process of finding suitable business partners for manufacturers and distributors in the laboratory supply sector.
  • Your datasets are available for 2 years - this includes any changes made during your subscription period including updates to existing company profiles and new companies added.
  • Dataset subscription includes access to our partner qualification tool where you can collaborate with colleagues, make private notes on individual profiles, upload documents and download company profile data in PDF and Excel format.
  • There is no limit to the number of people in your company who can access your dataset and use the partner qualification tool.
  • Contact points such as addresses, phone numbers, websites, email addresses and social media profiles give you multiple ways to contact the potential partners.
  • Company profiles contain keyword categories to show their fields of interest, relationships they have with other companies such as parents, subsidiaries, local offices, and suppliers.
  • Datasets can be segmented by country and a wide selection of product / application filters. This will enable you to home in on an even more targeted dataset of potential partners.
  • Our industry is extraordinarily dynamic - the BCP Partnering Portal is constantly updated to reflect these changes.

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