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Beijing Yanqiwan Biotech Company / NBGen Inc - Manufacturer and Channel Partner based in China

About Beijing Yanqiwan Biotech Company / NBGen Inc
We are focusing on fast detection products for food safety, like ELISA kits, immuno-affinity column, lateral flow strips and so on. We want to cooperate with companies which have high quality products. The company mainly in the field of food and the quality and safety of agricultural products to provide users with the most suitable detection products, and a full set of technical advice, products include various detection kit, ancillary equipment, consumables and reagents. The company specializes in the Division of Food Safety and instrument consumables division. Food Safety Division, to provide users with a rapid test kit for food, agricultural products, drug residues in feed, harmful micro-organisms and other toxins and related technical consulting. The company is committed in accordance with the specific circumstances of the customer, to provide users with the most suitable product solutions. Company is currently self-produced, agent, distribution of more than one brand rapid test kit, and the choice to the different needs of users. The establishment of the Division of the equipment supplies, taking into account the user-friendly procurement, and began a dedicated sourcing platform its services to provide one-stop shopping concept. Company to fully integrate advantageous resources, establish a cooperative relationship with a number of well-known brands, such as product line covers a number of research and application areas of molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, laboratory overall demand to meet.

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