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GenPro Biotech - Manufacturer based in Uttar Pradesh, India

About GenPro Biotech
GenPro Biotech was founded to cater to the needs of Research Community engaged in Life Sciences research. We started with a view that researchers need bio-chemicals and immuno-chemicals as quickly as possible. Normally, it takes lot of time to get these items from abroad and is costlier also. So, by the time they are able to get their desired stuff, their interest gets diluted and even if that is not the case, the pace of their work is retarded. We aim to provide some of these bio-chemicals and immuno-chemicals to our valued customer at very reasonable prices. Our indigenously manufactured products are either equivalent to or better than those available in outside market. We strive to manufacture products of best possible quality and believe in the philosophy of Kaizen. We specialize in Peptides, Proteomics, Diagnostic Kits, Phospholipids, Antibodies, and other Immuno-chemicals.

Product Types:

Reagents & Kits


Clinical / Diagnostics
Life Sciences
Scientific Services

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Biochemistry Research
Services: Sample Production
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